At Greenworld, we work to make each outer space has its personality and style and we achieve it thanks to the art of landscaping, a useful method to project everything you dream for your garden.

It is the art of turning any space into a living environment thanks to the inclusion of nature in a planned way, at the service of aesthetics and in a coherent manner. Landscaping is probably the most vivid and delicate art that exists for working with plants and trees. It is necessary to respect their intrinsic rhythms to achieve they adapt to the ground correctly.

Some of our action fields are terraces, gardens, parks, gardens or any other space where it is intended to create an atmosphere of natural beauty, without losing sight of functionality. Some of the aspects taken into account when developing a project landscaping tailored to each client are a good planning, the adaptation to the terrain and the careful selection of the flora that form the composition, in addition to the technical elements such as lighting or irrigation.

And within this world, garden design is one of the most demanded specialities and where we put all our care because we know that a cosy garden is as important as a home inside. There are a thousand options when creating a service tailored to the needs of each garden: from tropical gardens, the indigenous Mediterranean diversity and even gardens of oriental inspiration. Each one will be designed to the millimetre to integrate each element seamlessly and make it represent the sought essence. We’ll design the perfect garden for your home, restaurant, hotel or any other space that needs fresh air.

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