Maintenance and gardening services

These are some of the services offered by Green World Ibiza.
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All kind of systems and automatic irrigation systems (sprinkler and drip).

For those who need help with their garden and want it adequately equipped with lighting and irrigation, we are also experts in creating the system that best suits your needs and make it work in the most efficient possible way to make your garden look its best face and be maintained with greater autonomy.

Design of gardens and landscaping.

From the beginning to the end of the project, we’ll make your desired garden become a reality. We will advise you to build a proper green space for you and make it get adapted to all types of terrain, sizes and styles.

Planting and lawn maintenance.

The lawn is the most sated touch of green you can find in a garden but it also needs care and attention to keep all its splendour. We seek to sow the lawn that best suits the environmental conditions and, if needed, we will also take care of its maintenance.

Maintenance of gardens and green areas.

If you do not have the necessary time or knowledge to take care of your garden, at Green World Ibiza we do not only create them but we also offer a maintenance service so you do not have to worry about anything. We will help you either periodically or at specific times to make your garden always shows its best side.

All kinds of organic and chemical fertilisers.

We help you choose the most suitable fertiliser for your soil and your plants so that they can grow with fullness. We also take care to apply it to the ground to make the most of its properties.