Ibiza is a unique natural environment

GreenWorldIbiza is a company formed by professional specialists on landscaping and gardening.

José Morán leads this project that has grown over 28 years of expert experience.

Ibiza is a unique natural environment to develop projects of this size and many are the satisfied customers who have been feeding the fame of the GreenWorldIbiza brand. They are specialists who make gardens and outdoor spaces become real vital areas you could have never imagined. None of this could be possible without the care and attention of José Morán. He carefully selects for each garden the plants and trees that make each project unique. Lavender, cypress, olive, laurel, pine, pomegranate, orange, almond, ancient trees, cactus, bamboos, exotic plants and Ibizan typical plants are some of the elements that can star your garden. You just need to outline your idea and GreenWorldIbiza will make your proposal become a reality. They can also maintain your garden if you desire so. And always trying to have a close relationship with its customers.


José Morán came to Ibiza in 1979 and as it usually happens to many of those who visit it, he surrendered to its natural beauty. Consequently, he felt interested in nature and it was here where he took his first steps into the world of gardening.

Gradually, he was trained next to native people from the island, people who perfectly knew Ibiza’s soil and its typical species. Furthermore, his friends from Madrid’s Engineer School of Forestry were a great influence on him. José gave full rein to his passion and what is more, his collaboration with these friends in different architectural design gardens, provided him with valuable knowledge, very useful for his life vocation.

However, the customer who gave him enough experience to jump completely into the world of gardening and landscaping was the Pikes Hotel, where their managers relied on his ability to turn their old garden into a paradise. He was in charge of it for eleven years. Currently, he is the visible face of GreenWorldIbiza, a company on landscaping and gardening with which he develops projects of all kinds but always following his style that he has been drawn up over years and has given him his deserved fame.

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GreenWorldIbiza stands out for its ability to create sustainable gardens, compositions where each species lives in harmony with others, with a minimal maintenance and that endure over time without losing any beauty at all. This is thanks to the long background and extensive knowledge of plants that José Morán possesses. A lover of nature in every garden who will know what is the vegetation that betters suits every space. Trust his wisdom and you will enjoy a lasting landscape that will be your private paradise.